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We are excited to be serving God through Journey Corps -- impacting the world for Christ as we assist in training, mentoring, and discipling those who will be impacting thousands of others (both at home and overseas) in the years to come. As we enter into our new ministry roles, we recognize it is important to have a team partnering with us via their time, prayers, finances, etc. This partnership is not a one way street though, as both the giver and the receiver will be challenged toward growth through partnering. Even more importantly though, partnership is not primarily about the relationship between us and others, but between individuals/families and God. Prayer is an opportunity for you to connect with God and storytelling and service are your chances to share what He has done with others. Gifts-in-kind and financial gifts are your chance to give back to God a portion of what He has entrusted you with as an act of worship. You can read more about our philosophies of Biblical stewardship and support-based ministry at the bottom of this page. We invite you to examine the partnership opportunities below, to seek wisdom and direction from God as to what your response should be, and then to step forward in faith and obedience into whatever He calls you to.

PRAYER -- Prayer -- praising God, confessing our sins, offering thanks for what He has done, and presenting our requests before Him -- is vital for every believer and every ministry. We are praying that God would bring to us at least thirty (30) individuals/families who will commit to praying for us, the Journey Corps staff, and each year's Journeyers regularly. To aide in this commitment, we will e-mail brief updates and prayer requests between our regular communications. God will respond to the prayers of His people, which will have an impact on those ministering, those being ministered to, and those praying. Would you like to begin a journey of prayer with us? If so please complete the contact form.

STORYTELLING -- Throughout history God has been proclaiming His story to humanity. He conveys this through nature, through His Word -- the Bible, and through individuals like you and us. We are praying that numerous individuals would join in ministry with us as storytellers, individuals willing to share with others they know about Journey Corps and our roles in the ministry. Storytellers simply share with those in their life what they know, and let God do the rest. This may be done by hosting an event we speak at, by going out to coffee with a friend (with or without us), by speaking with your pastor and/or missions committee, by talking with neighbors and co-workers about the nation of Cote d'Ivoire, etc. etc. The options are almost limitless and the results -- as God works in people's lives -- can impact countless individuals around the world for eternity. Would you like to begin the journey of sharing more of God's story with others? If so please complete the contact form.

GIFTS-IN-KIND -- Every ministry has expenses which arise related to items or services needed that no one in the organization has the ability to complete well. Often these items and services become expenditures for which the ministry must raise funds to cover, but this is not the only option. Within ministry partnership teams such as ours, and the broader ones of Journey Corps and WorldVenture, there is potential to have any number of skills and services represented. Individuals in medical care (physicals, vaccinations, optometry, chiropractic care, etc), communications (graphic design, printing, photocopying, web design, etc.), business supply (envelopes, paper, computers, etc.), retail (toiletries, clothing, luggage, airline frequent flyer miles, etc.), legal services (wills, power of attorney, passports, etc) and the list could go on and on. Some might doubt it, but there is a good likelihood that everyone who becomes a part of partnership team either has an item or service to offer or knows someone closely who does. Even if you don't live near us, your skill or item could be a great benefit to a Journeyer coming over soon who may, unknowingly to you or them, live right next door. Might you have something you could offer us or Journeyers as a part of the ministry? If so please complete the contact form.

COME TO COTE D'VOIRE -- We are constantly on the lookout for those who may want to come to Cote d'Ivoire as a Journeyer, to come serve for a few weeks at the Training Center, or to come as staff. If God places someone on your heart who may be a good fit or is calling you to serve overseas please don't hesitate to contact us for more information (using the contact form) or complete WorldVenture's "Getting Better Acquainted" form found here.

FINANCES -- Housing, food, transportation, something to share with others -- they are things we all need, and this is no different for us as missionaries. While gifts-in-kind are certainly beneficial as we prepare to leave for Cote d'Ivoire and some items can be helpful while there -- financial gifts are also important in helping us to get there and then providing for our needs so that we can minister to Journeyers and Ivorians effectively. Therefore, we are praying that God would send individuals/families our way who would partner with us through a one-time out going gift and/or by committing to supporting us in this ministry monthly. These tax-deductible gifts can be made securely online via WorldVenture's website. Is God calling you to partner through giving financially? If so, you can make a one-time gift here or make a monthly commitment here (there are options to have this automatically deducted from your checking account each month). Additional details about giving to this ministry financially can be found on WorldVenture's website under the "Give" menu on the left of the page.

For your convenience you may make a contribution via phone to using your Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express -- simply call: 1-800-487-4224, extension 2160 to talk with one of WorldVenture's partner service representatives. To process your telephone contribution they will need: 1) your name as it appears on the credit card, 2) the credit card number, 3)the credit card's expiration date, and 4) our name and missionary account number (#6792-782).

If you prefer, you can mail gifts to WorldVenture, Attn: Receipting Department, 501 W. Mineral Ave., Littleton, CO 80120-5612 -- make checks out to WorldVenture and place our account number (#6792-782) on the memo line. Sending the printable gift form from WorldVenture along with your mailed gift ensures quick processing and, thereby, increases the speed with which it becomes a tool for ministry.

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As we approach a lifetime of career ministry, we believe it is essential to have a Biblical view of stewardship and support-based ministry. Therefore, we have developed the following philosophy of Biblical Stewardship:


Building off of this philosophy of Biblical Stewardship, our philosophy of support-based ministry is as follows:

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