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It is our belief that while most missionaries are far away from their partners in the US geographically, that they need not be far away as it relates to thoughts and prayers. Not only can this be different (especially with today's technology), it is our belief that it in fact should be different - being healthier spiritually and relationally for missionaries and their partners. The greater the degree to which we can share about the things we are learning, experiencing, teaching, etc. the further God can take the influence of the ministry He has us in. Likewise, the greater degree to which you share about the work God is doing in and through you, the deeper the relationship between us can become.

Living in Cote d'Ivoire certainly plays a role in how this can work -- coming over to our house for lunch on Sunday with a week's notice probably isn't an option for most. Internet access, while prevalent at internet cafes, is generally not an option in Ivorian homes and phone calls, though possible through Skype, are limited as well. Therefore, we will aim to connect in the ways we can -- regular e-mailed newsletters, e-mailed prayer updates for those desiring to be on the prayer team, photos posted on this site, and this blog -- where you will find the last updates related to our most recent adventures, news, prayer requests, etc. Read on for the latest...

Brief Looks at the Situation in Cote d'Ivoire
CNN has recently posted some articles which, I believe, are a fairly concise summary of the situation here and the world's response. While of course every news source struggles with bias (whether the news organization itself or by relying on sources from on perspective), these articles at least bring to light some of the significant questions and issues connected to the situation that has be... read more
     - April 5 2011

Changing Automated Giving (an E-mail Option)
We wanted to let you know that we recent had a donor who used another way to make a change to his giving and found it very quick and easy. He simply sent an e-mail to WorldVenture's donor relations department with:
1) the change he desired to make
2) his full name
3) his address [that giving has been billed through]
4) and our name (Peter & Katrina Goehring) and our WorldVenture acco... read more
     - April 2 2011

Making Changes to Your Automated Giving
We are so incredibly thankful for the many different ways that literally hundreds of different individuals/families have found to partner with us as we serve God with Journey Corps in Cote d'Ivoire. From prayers to words of encouragement, from reading our updates to sending us your news, from sending in a one-time gift to giving monthly, and so many other ways... we have definitely felt extr... read more
     - March 26 2011

new month = new blogging approach (& some tid bits)
Well, I began this year (2011) pretty well in terms of daily blogging.... not always posting something each day, but posting something from each day every few days. I hope some of the thoughts/tales were of interest to the world outside my head.

Then, I hit a weekend, which turned into a week in which I cut all non-essentials from my life as I received and tried to fight off a horrible cold. ... read more
     - February 1 2011

Tuesday Nights, Fruit Bats, & Sickness (Jan 11-13)
Jan 11 - Tuesday Nights
Tuesday evenings (like today) are consistently my favorite evening each week. Certainly there are other high points within each week, but week after week Tuesday evenings are enjoyable times. You see each Tuesday evening the ten Journeyers split into two small groups, one which gathers at our house and another which gathers at another staff's house. The original in... read more
     - January 14 2011

Dust, Pancakes, and French (Jan. 8-10)
Jan. 8 - Dust, LOTS of Dust
In recent days particularly, though it has definitely been a gradual build up, the dry season has been fully upon us. Now most Americans probably think of a dry season as the absence of rain - and rightly so, it has rained in many days (probably weeks, but I haven't been counting). However, more noticeable than the absence of rain has been the presence of dust. ... read more
     - January 12 2011

Ca va, Exploring, Tired, Ministry & Food (Jan. 4-7)
Jan 4 - Ca va?
Both yesterday and today I have been considering once again (as I have numerous times while living here, and also in every other location I've lived) the greeting question that is used. Here, in French, the common question to incorporate early on in dialogue is, "Comment ca va?" [roughly, "How is it going?"]. The most basic -and expected- answer is, "... read more
     - January 7 2011

Ants, Clapping, and God's Voice (Jan. 1-3)
Jan 1 - Wall to Wall Ants
Ants, in a variety of colors and sizes, seem to be plentiful here - this has been no significant surprise. There have been some surprises regarding the ants conduct here though. For example, upon ascending the stairs to our second floor home a few days back I noted on the stoop a group of ants covering -in near perfect outline- the body of a small (2-3") gecko, th... read more
     - January 5 2011

Islam and Ramadan for Ivorian Muslims
It has been estimated that 39% of the population of Cote d'Ivoire are Muslim. In the city of Bouake the estimate spikes to 80-85%, which is not uncommon the further north one travels in this country. In light of these numbers it becomes evident that despite the continued growth of the Church here, there are millions of people who do not know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. [And millions mo... read more
     - August 18 2010

The Significance of the Insignificance
As every kid grows up he/she has a great many influences that impact who he/she becomes and doesn't become - I was no different. While the list of those who have had an impact on me is too lengthy to write (or remember) there are a few I want to mention, and explore with you, at this time. Some of those who impacted me were Encyclopedia Brown, the Boxcar Children, the Hardy Boys, and the Bo... read more
     - July 18 2010

The NBA, Free Agents, and God's Team
For most people today - June 30, 2010 - it is just another Wednesday, and tomorrow will be just another Thursday. The switch of months that will occur will have little to no effect on most - perhaps an end-of-the month pay period, the necessity of turning a calendar page and/or recognition of being half way through 2010. For most overall, July 1, 2010 will be no different than today, or a month ... read more
     - June 30 2010

Hear & Listen (Communication, Culture & Community)
Both the words "hear" and "listen" have numerous dictionary definitions and street usage. Often times the two verbs are used as synonyms, and rightfully so - as they do share many of the same definitions. That said, there are some ways to differentiate between the two words - ways which are important when working to communicate interculturally and within community.

To &quo... read more
     - June 11 2010

L'elephant c'est Journey Corps (The Elephant That is J
Today as I sit here in Cote d'Ivoire - listening to a mix of rain, birds, and the whir of the ceiling fan - I find myself reflecting a bit on our first month here, the six months we had with the Journey Corps home staff before leaving, and on the other random things like that.

One of the things that strikes me about this country is how common elephants are. No, not the live animals - but ... read more
     - June 4 2010

Dust, Narnia, and Village Baptiste
[originally written: Sunday, May 9, 2010]

Imagine leaving your home on very short notice, knowing it will likely be a very long time you will be away but not knowing how long. Knowing you hope to return, but not knowing whether you ever will. How would you pack things in that limited time? What few items would you choose to take? What items would you box up and which would you leave where t... read more
     - May 22 2010

Names Without Numbers (Partnership Development)

[originally written: Sunday, May 9, 2010]

When I was in high school several of my friends from youth group were actively involved in the alternative music scene - as musicians and fans. While some of the styles of music which fall into this often eclectic 'scene' weren't favorites of mine, I strived to be supportive of my friends efforts and thus heard many other aspiring band... read more
     - May 22 2010

The T-shirt Monologues: Brand (An Epilogue)
Nearly seven years ago, I was busy packing my bags for my first overseas trip longer than a week (and first off the N. American continent). As I did so I found myself contemplating back and forth between items I would like to take, items I needed to take, and the space I had to take things. I don't recall exactly how many t-shirts I ended up taking, but the five (5) main ones I took have be... read more
     - May 4 2010

The T-Shirt Monologues: Example (#5)
Many centuries ago a young pastor received a letter from his mentor - a letter which touched on many topics: false teaching, God's grace, worship instructions, church leadership, widows and servants, money, and devotion to the things of God. As the young pastor faced many challenges, his mentor gave him this encouragement and challenge, "Don't let anyone look down on you because yo... read more
     - April 20 2010

The T-Shirt Monologues: Question (#4)
Do you remember what it was like to be 4yrs old? You hadn't yet started to go to school daily, but each day was filled with new things to discover and learn. It seemed that around every corner was something new, something mysterious, something to be conquered. As fast as your little feet, hands, and mouth could take you - you were off, exploring the world God's made and beginning to f... read more
     - April 8 2010

The T-Shirt Monologues: Relevant (#3)
How long does it take for you to dismiss something you see or hear as irrelevant to you? Probably not very long. Longer if it might have relevancy for you in the future, even if it doesn't right now - but still not very long. Longer if it connects to someone you know, particularly a close family member or friend - but still not very long. Whether it is a TV commercial or program, a newspa... read more
     - April 1 2010

"Blueberry Muffins" (or "Missions and the 5 Sense
As she has on numerous other afternoons, Katrina was in the kitchen again today mixing a bowl of batter as the kitchen (and our tiny, comfortable apartment) filled with the warmth of the pre-heating oven. Sitting in my faux leather, green recliner (which has now lived in three different households within the family), I couldn't help but be distracted from my reading by the aroma of the blueb... read more
     - March 23 2010

The T-shirt Monologues: Time (#2)
It has been said (by who I do not recall any longer), "You will always find enough time to do the things you really want to do."

Additionally: "[Time is] a gift from God, and His priorities can always be fulfilled in the amount of time we have been given.... God is lavish with His gifts, so that there is always enough time to do what Jesus calls us to do" - in The Gift of Ti... read more
     - March 20 2010

The T-shirt Monologues: Can't Stop (#1)
In the early years of my involvement in ministry, just as God was beginning to place me in different positions of leadership, I found myself struggling with where He was taking me and (more importantly) what He was calling me to be. Perhaps you've had a similar experience before too. I know others have. Noah was asked to build a boat - a very, very big boat - and to do it on dry land. Job... read more
     - March 14 2010

Prayer Post - 3/11/10
We are so thankful for those that have committed to praying for us. We've faced some challenges (as we know many others have/will), and so especially appreciate your prayers in this time. Below you'll find the latest. - thanks, Peter & Katrina

-- We thank God for the opportunity to meet another Journey Corps team member in person this week. Rebekah is in application to serve a... read more
     - March 11 2010

Developing Godly Leaders
You have followed at least one person before. You, therefore, have had at least one leader before, likely many. Those leaders has influenced you. Some have impacted you for the better because they were good or even great leaders. Some, though they were poor or even horrible leaders, have impacted you for the better because of what you learned not to do. Sometimes you have learned a great deal... read more
     - March 6 2010

Prayer Post - 3/3/10
Thanks for listening to God's calling on your life to be part of this prayer team, it truly is a blessing to be able to partner in ministry with you. Below you will find this week's praises and petitions, please feel free to send us yours as they arise too. Thanks and God bless - Peter & Katrina

-- Thank God for a good week of training at WorldVenture headquarters in Littleton thi... read more
     - March 3 2010

Prayer Post - 2/24/10
We definitely believe prayer is a vital part of the ministry God has called us to. Below you will find this week's praises and petitions, please feel free to send us yours as they arise too. Thanks and God bless - Peter & Katrina

-- Praise God for safe travels through the Midwest over the last month, with good road conditions for the large majority of the time. It was such a blessin... read more
     - February 24 2010
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